Fons et Origo

Fons et Origo

/ˌfɒnz ɛt ˈɒrɪɡəʊ,fɒnz ɛt ɒˈrʌɪɡəʊ/

(noun) the source and origin


We started in early 2020 creating customised wine bottle labels to commemorate a special occasion. As we got more involved in social responsibility we wanted to bring a product on board that would contribute and uplift our local communities.

Coir doormats allows us to bring a eco-friendly and functional product along with their creativity. Our sponsees can design their own memes and reap the benefits from the sales of their designs. Please consider sponsoring a Doormat which we will ship directly to your cause of choice.

Our 'Fons et Origo' Collection allows us to continue to support our local projects. If you would like to partner with us, please reach out on our contact page. 

Welcome and thank you for shopping with us, please reach out on any one of our channels, we would love your feedback and let us know how we can serve you.

Origin Matters!